History of the Wessex Branch BDA

Wessex Branch Presidents

A list of the Branch Presidents over the years.

Year    President (Section)

87/88       Colin GORDON (Portsmouth)
88/89       John SAMBROOK SMITH (Basingstoke)
89/90       Brian HARDING (West Dorset)
90/91       Tony LYNN (Southampton)
91/92       Howard LUNN (Bournemouth)
92/93       Chris EMERY (Portsmouth)
93/94       John HORNE (Basingstoke)
94/95       Ron BROADWAY (Southampton)
95/96       Jill GORHAM (Bournemouth)
96/97       Bob HITCHCOCK (Portsmouth)
97/98       Roy BURROWS (Island)
98/99       Clive MARKS (Southampton)
99/00       Margaret HAYES (Basingstoke)
00/01       Sandie WILLIAMS (Bournemouth)
01/02       Sandie WILLIAMS (Bournemouth)
02/03       Robbie BROWN (Portsmouth)
03/04       Henry CLOVER (Southampton)
04/05       Nigel JONES (West Dorset)
05/06       Chris BUGIEL (Bournemouth)
07/08       Michael FANNER (Bournemouth)
08/09       Dr Hamish MORTON (Bournemouth)
09/10       Dr Keith Percival (Portsmouth)
10/11       Dr John Bradley (Southampton)
12/13       Dr Arthur McGroaty (Portsmouth)
14/15       Dr Paul Kelly (Bournemouth/West Dorset)

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